24 Amazing Image of Scrapbook Page Ideas

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A scrapbook is improving your creativity. It also becomes a project for school students in the arts. It usually contains school materials but you can make a different scrapbook with the content of photos and personal experience. Scrapbook page ideas will make your scrapbook look marvelous.

Washi Tape Banner

To beautify your scrapbook, you don’t need expensive ornaments. You just take a roll of washi tape. The tape can be made of being a little banner with a different colored washi tape kind. It looks so nice and cute. Try to make a small washi tape banner for the cover of the scrapbook.


The next design is watercolor. Like its name, it describes the watercolor look. It is a combination of blue and white. You can be more creative with a coloring pencil and painting coloring wash to create a uniquely beautiful design. It is a very simple trick to make a detail of watercolor on the scrapbook.

Buttons Page

You can use recycling buttons to make an ornament detail of scrapbook page. The buttons will be scrapbook page ideas. You can make a love shape on the cover of the scrapbook with the colorful buttons. It looks so creative and uniquely amazing.

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