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Scrapbook is a solution for a gift you will give to your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend, parents, siblings, and more. What makes this gift more valuable is due to the photos and quotes in it. Besides, if you keep it well, a scrapbook can be really everlasting after some decades later. Although there are now many shops that provide services for customized scrapbooks, it is not bad to make it yourself. All you need to prepare the scrapbook materials DIY. What are they?

The main material is the scrapbook papers. The papers are thicker and stronger than any other papers. Besides, prepare also some colored papers according to the concept or theme of your scrapbook, colored pens or crayons, memorable photos, ornaments like ribbons; beads; and buttons, and tools like scissors, ruler, and cutter.

After all the preparations, you can start it all by creating the book first. Then, attach the pictures based on the timeline and lastly, attach the ornaments. It is better to make a template or arrangement first regarding the placement. This way the scrapbook you make becomes neater. Besides, you can also apply a certain theme or concepts like vintage, minimalist, and more. Now, it is the time for you to try.

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