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Diy Scrapbook Ideas Creativity Scrapbook Ideas Diy Creative And Beautiful Birthdayvalentine

Scrapbook frame is a reference as a unique gift that you can give to special people. Especially if you make it with your own hands, it will definitely be more meaningful and have its own meaning. The DIY scrapbook ideas creativity will look more unique and elegant if collaborated with some 3D decorations.

You don’t need to worry. This time we will explore in detail how to make a simple 3d scrapbook frame which is certainly unique.

The following is a full explanation:

Scrapbook Materials

The following are some of the scrapbook materials that you must provide:

Wrapping Paper Book/Gift Paper/Color HVS Paper

Scissors and Paper Aid

Steps of How to Easily Make 3D Scrapbook frame

You have to prepare the materials for making a scrapbook as we discussed earlier. Then you also need to prepare any photos that you want to attach to the frame.

Here are some tips on how to easily make a scrapbook:

  • First, specify the background as the base of the scrapbook you made.
  • Choose a photo that you will make as the main object for the scrapbook. Usually, it is 2-3 photos for a scrapbook, can also be less or more according to your own taste.
  • Write a little explanation for the photos that you made as the main object.
  • Cut photo and paper to be used as accessories.
  • After being cut off, take a moment to determine the location of the photo and accessories that will be pasted.
  • Paste the photo as the main object on the scrapbook.
  • Add decorations in accordance with the concept you made. If the concept is romantic, then you can stick the paper in the form of love.

Those are the explanations of DIY scrapbook ideas creativity.

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