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Scrapbook Inspiration Creativity Flourish Art Pinte

By opening a scrapbook, you will be able to tell of one’s life or a family. What is important to them and how is their personality. All photos will tell precious memories they hold and you will know them more through the book. Meanwhile, the whole layout of scrapbook also indicates their creativity. If you want to try scrapbooking, you may need some injection of scrapbook inspiration creativity to finish your first book. So check this out and continue your imagination.

Paint Chips Design

Paint chips is really versatile as decorative items in many creativity items. You can use it for great sticky notes and it’s also perfect in your scrapbook design. You can create stunning scrapbook inspiration creativity with different shades of paint chips. It will allow you to make an ombre design which becomes popular nowadays.

Watercolor Border

If want to keep white base on your scrapbook, you can use watercolor to décor the edges. Watercolors is limitless scrapbook inspiration creativity that would add so much style in your white canvas. Move you hand and create some vines, stripes or ribbon on the layout edges. This will be great whimsical instrument in your scrapbook.

Monochrome Scheme

Sometimes, you want to avoid using vivid colors and prefer for monochromatic. That’s really okay, since monochrome is also elegant. It will allow you to focus more on photos and simplify decoration. Pick one color that would represent the emotion on photos and add some shades of it to enrich the layout.

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