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Scrapbook Sketches And Layouts Scrapbook Layout Layouts Pinterest Sketches Scrapbook And

Before you start to make a scrapbook, it will probably be more helpful if you make a plan about the layout of your scrapbook. Because you will figure out which photos that you want to put into your scrapbook, how you will categorize them, and how you will place them. You are able to make general 4 or 6 scrapbook sketches and layouts to be put into your scrapbook. The layout will show how you want the photos to be placed on every page. Some pages can be filled with only one photo, sometimes 2 or 3 photos. While the other pages can be filled with a collage of several photos.

Take a sheet of paper and sketch a layout that you want to use. Leave some spaces where you will add decorations, notes, or comments about the photos. If you find this step is quite hard, you are able to place the photos directly on the table. This way, you are able to imagine how it will look like in a scrapbook page. Once you make the layout, do not directly stick the photos. You probably need to cut the photos to make it adjusted with the size of the layout.

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