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Scrapbook is great hobby where you can get creative with your album photos. It would not be just common album if you add some decorative and embellishment inside. You may already aware that there are many pre-made elements you can buy from the store to beautify scrapbook. But, you should also know that there are scrapbook aesthetic ideas which you can make yourself.

Paper Flower

Paper flower can be included on almost every theme you want to build. You can create these DIY scrapbook aesthetic ideas from many kinds of material. Not only colored paper, you can even use plain paper with your handwritten pattern. Arrange the colored and patterned properly, so you can create an awesome ornament.

Flip Up Pocket

Sometimes, you can’t decide which photos to be displayed on one page since it was very exciting moment that you won’t leave even one of them. On this matter, you can create a flip up pocket made of wax paper. Arrange the pocket vertically, so you can save space and contain many photos. With the right placement and decoration, it can be stunning scrapbook aesthetic ideas.

Multiple Paper Chevron

Do not throw away any leftover from patterned paper you have. You can use those scraps to structure a combination of chevron. No matter the pattern and its color, you will be able to create an eccentric touch into your scrapbook.

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