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Scrapbook Sketches 2 Page Twopagescrapbooksketches The Week With A New Two Page Scrapbook

Turning your scrapbook sketches 2 page into something more exciting is not a hard job. But sometimes, it is not easy to find the proper inspiration to start with. In this article, we have several ideas to make your scrapbook project turns into something unique and more exciting. Check this out.

Embroidered map ideas

You will never go wrong with artwork for scrapbook pages. All you will need is a map and quilting tools. You may need to use the needle to make some hole on the map and make sure that it follows the route. Later, you can sew the holes using a back stitch. Putting an X embellishment would be great to end the destination.

Mini hanger ideas

Hangers are not some cute things without work. But if you put a little creativity on it, you can make something unique on it. The mini hangers can be made out of the paperclips. Make several of them to be the embellishments on your scrapbook pages.

Things-I-love dictionary

If you do not know where to start when it comes to creating a scrapbook, you may consider the things you love. You can make like a journal about those things along with some pictures of memories you love. It will be an interesting project of scrapbook sketches 2 page.

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