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When you start a project on your scrapbook, then how to choose the colors that you will use? You should know that there are many ways to choose the best colors and it is really depending on your scrapping style, a style that you make and the aims of your scrapbook page. Working so hard on your layout and end up with the result which looks to “miss” something – is a terrible feeling, really. Although there are other problems cause that feeling, the color selection is one thing need to consider. You can choose scrapbook aesthetic pink if you really pink lovers.

Choose your color by the theme

This is a very clear way to choose a color for your scrapbook page. If you want to display the valentine day photo, then you can consider choosing scrapbook aesthetic pink. But this is not the strict rule, there are many themes that can produce the automatic “color imaginary”.

You can choose a color from your photo

This is a given. When you have photos that you want to use to make the scrapbook layout, this is almost a reflect to use the direct colors of your photos. You might want to find out the main color of your photo, but you might want to stay focus on specific detail.

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