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Decorative embellishments are available on the internet along with other supplies for scrapbook projects for school. But actually, you can make your own embellishments. In this article, we will show you several ideas for embellishments and other accessories you can put on your school scrapbook project.

Heart butterflies

You can definitely make your own heart butterflies. All you need to do is a few pieces of colorful paper and wooden clips. The papers could be patterned or plain as well. You just need to fold one piece in half and partially punch your heart shape on it.

Chevron patterns

This project can be done by using several paper scraps. You do not have to throw the scraps away since you can always use it later. You just need to be a little creative to turn the scraps into some cute chevron patterns.

Faux-quilting style

If the chevron pattern is not jam then you can turn the paper scraps into something cute with faux-quilting style. It will transform the scrapbook page into something cozy with several paper scraps with patterns on it. After you arrange it as you like, you can stitch each square to the page. It will make unique scrapbook projects for school.

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