24 Great Image of Scrapbook Theme Ideas Scrap Books

Scrapbook Theme Ideas Scrap Books 25 Scrapbook Ideas For Beginner And Advanced Scrappers

Creating a satisfying scrapbook needs you to determine the right theme and design. A theme influences the final result of the making process for the scrapbook. Here are some recommended scrapbook theme ideas scrap books to apply.

Photo Map

It is time to take a photo as the theme for making your inspiring scrapbook. You will combine photos and map. It means that you use a map to be a frame of the photos. Then, the photos are set in the maps. You can buy any maps of the world or the city.

Photo Clips

If you want to make something different, you can make a theme of photo clips for your scrapbook. It is similar to its name in which you need to cut your photos into some pieces. Then, you arrange it into a clip with the different photo pieces that you have cut.

Photo Tiles

The last scrapbook theme ideas scrapbooks are photo tiles. It becomes the simplest idea to make because you only compose some different sizes of the photos into one page. In one page, it consists of some photos with one same pose in different sizes. Those are some inspirations for the scrapbook theme.

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