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A family is our everything. It is a good idea to make the scrapbook page ideas layout of a family story. See the explanations below in each page;

Title page with family photo and name

At this page, you may introduce your family member by sticking the photos with the name. Stick them as good as possible.

The parents’ wedding photo page

The next page is a wedding photo of a parent first, a very simple marriage. And next to it is a family photo first and last taken. Funny thing is, these two photos are both placed at the zoo.

The parents’ profile page

The next page is the profile page for father and mother. Paste a photo of a nice and complete father and mother with a profile that draws both of them.

The children page

This is the side for children in the family (you and siblings). To be more attractive, stick cute stickers. You can put a cartoon that represents the person or your brother. You can also add photos that include the photo hobby of the owner.

The education background page

This is a page about educational background from kindergarten to college. These photo photos can be photos of school activities such as singing at kindergarten, school ceremonies, college presentations, and so on.

The family member event photo page

The next page, share photos that can be compared with the current photo. Also, add the year under it to make it look long past. The photo can be about a special family event. Can be when traveling or during birthday celebrations.

The hoping page

The last page is a closing page. You can close it with prayer or by writing words of hope, this family will not only become a family in the world but will also become an eternal family in heaven later.

Now, create your scrapbook page ideas layout.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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