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Scrapbook Christmas Layouts Scrapbook Christmas Layouts Scrapbook Generation Super Saver

A Christmas becomes a moment to gather with family. You can send love to other people. A form of sending love can be in the form of scrapbook Christmas layouts. The design of the layout really represents a Christmas moment.

Peppermint Holiday

The first design of scrapbook Christmas layouts takes a peppermint holiday. It is similar to its name in which it is dominated by peppermint candy picture. You can make a base of the scrapbook with the red color. Then, add a peppermint candy on the front cover of this scrapbook. Put dried leaves or image of the leaves to make it more perfect.


Christmas happens at winter season. That is why you can make a Christmas scrapbook with a winter layout. You can write down a word of WINTER on the frontpage cover and then it is decorated with flower images in red and white colors. Don’t forget to add green leaves image. The basic color for the scrapbook is red.

Shabby Christmas

If you like vintage or classical theme, you can make a shabby Christmas on the page of the scrapbook. It is similar to its name in which it embeds shabby details in this scrapbook. You can put your favorite shabby ornaments of Christmas such as flower, a Christmas tree, stars, snow, and a snow doll. You can add a light brown to be the basic color.

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