24 Inspiration Photo of Cricut Scrapbooking Layouts Baby

Cricut Scrapbooking Layouts Baby Ba Boy Cricut Premade Scrapbooking Page 1 Page 12x12 Via Etsy

What to Consider When Making Cricut Scrapbooking Layouts Baby

The important concept when making cricut scrapbooking layouts baby is the order of the months!  Each month’s title uses a different decorating method. This one is unique using scrap paper and then written using a marker. This one should not be skipped or forgotten, don’t forget to stick the photo together with the nephew or cousin of the same age, the photo where they are playing together. You can also stick photos with mommy / daddy / other family members. Sort photos, this is the first step! sort photos from ultrasound photos (if any), first photo at birth, age per month. You may sort the photos in the laptop so you know about the number of photos that will be printed. Next, you can buy ordinary books that are decorated or has pattern printed. The decorations used are different from making a scrapbook for adults. Use STICKER! This is very typical of children, and can only be added with ribbons or buttons. For baby/kids scrapbook, it is recommended to use a colorful one. if you don’t use origami paper / patterned paper you can also use scrap paper. Then you can also use a greeting card with a cake for the decoration. Those are all several tips in making cricut scrapbooking layouts baby.

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