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DIY Scrapbook Ideas Layout

  1. Map Background

Everyone else would like to take photos as many as they can during their trip and visiting new places. This is normal since camera and taking photos has become essentials for every travelling occasion. Furthermore, focusing on specific location or area will be a great help to decide topic on your DIY scrapbook ideas layout.

In order to boost the uniqueness onto your DIY scrapbook ideas layout, you can use a map that you used during the trip as background. This will give huge visual interest instantly. You will also be able to place your photos easily by following the area on map.

  1. Octagons Background and Photos

Trimming all photos with unique shape can be the best way to break monotone on your DIY scrapbook ideas layout. You don’t have to stick rectangular photos all the time since you can use scissor to trim your photos to be octagons. You can choose the same pattern as background to make it more attractive.

In order to trim photos onto octagons properly, you can use one printed shape as base. Stick it temporarily with your photo and cut following the shape. Then, you can spread out the photos on the background paper.

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