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Another important element that should not be missed when making a scrapbook is the cover. The cover is the first impression of a scrapbook. So that when you make one, make sure the cover is pretty and attractive. It is not hard to make scrapbook aesthetic cover. For example, you can stick motivational words or lyrics of your favorite songs. You can cut motivational words from a magazine or newspaper or your favorite song lyrics that you print by yourself, then stick it to the cover of your scrapbook. In order to make it neater, make sure the words are perfectly glued so that it will not get easily loose.

Do you want instantly and easily have a unique and decorative scrapbook cover? Then why do not use patterned tapes? Use tapes with various patterns, then stick it to your scrapbook cover. In order to make the cover neater, stick the tapes on the edges of the cover too. Patterned tapes and colored tapes will not only make your scrapbook look pretty and colorful, but it will also make the cover neat and not easily be torn. It is very easy, isn’t it? Are you interested to try these ideas?

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