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Scrapbooking is cool way to give your best friend a gift. Before getting started, you need to consider what memories you want to capture in your scrapbook. This way you can decide on what theme is your scrapbook page ideas friends about. It can be a special event you have been through together or may be a trip where he or she accompanying you.

After deciding the theme of your scrapbook page ideas friends, you should continue by listing all characteristics you love about your friend. After that, you can write some occasion which marks the development of your friendship. If it is too long to start from the beginning of your introduction, you can pick certain time period.

The next step of this scrapbook page ideas friends, you can draft the outline of the whole scrapbook. Select some events you would like to highlight; thus you will be able to determine how many pages it’s likely to be. Just let your scrapbook flows like it tells the story of your friendship.

If you have collected all photos and things which you got from your trip with your friend, you can gather other supplies for scrapbooking. Try to pick the embellishments, album and paper that would be suitable with your theme. Then, start to assemble all materials into an organized scrapbook. If this has huge value to you as well, I suggest you to create two of them because you need a copy.

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