24 Pretty Image of Scrapbook Projects Diy

Scrapbook Projects Diy Cool Diy Scrapbook Ideas You Must Add To Your Projects Diy

Before starting to make scrapbook projects DIY, you definitely the materials. The first material you need to make a scrapbook is an album. You can find a scrapbook album in stationery shops or craft shops. For the size, you can choose the one that meets your needs. You can use a standard binder as an alternative if you cannot find a scrapbook album. The next is colored papers or patterned papers. Choose papers which are suitable to be combined with your photos and theme you apply to the scrapbook. Colored papers or patterned papers can be used as a decorative background.

You also need additional ornaments for the decoration. The recommended ornaments which are usually used for a scrapbook is three-dimensional stickers, stamps, and many more. The last is glue. There are some kinds of glue that can be used to make a scrapbook. Such as glue spray which is more suitable for a big scrapbook so that it will not look wet and glue stick to attach your photos. You can also use glue water to stick the decorative ornaments. But do not use it too much on the scrapbook papers if you do not want it to be ruined.

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