24 Pretty Photo of Scrapbook Aesthetic Wallpaper

Scrapbook Aesthetic Wallpaper Print It On Sticker Paper Can Use To Scrapbook Phone Backgrounds

Scrapbook, just like the name, is a kind of book with photos and ornaments there. In other words, it is just like a photo album. However, have you ever heard the term scrapbook aesthetic wallpaper? Different from the other scrapbooks that are definitely in form of the books, this is related to the wall decoration, like wallpaper, but there are floating ornaments. Sure, it is possible for you to add more photos. So, are you interested to create it? Here are the tools, material, and how to make them.

For tools and materials, it is similar to the other scrapbooks. They are the scrapbook papers, ornaments and decorations, scissors, ruler, and cutter. If this is the first your time making it, you should not completely cover the wall with this handmade wallpaper. Try it by covering only some parts with it. So, first of all, you may cut off the material including the main paper, photos, and ornaments.

Second, attach the main scrapbook paper on the wall that has been signed before. Make sure to attach it really neatly without leaving air bubbles. You can make patterns to ease you attaching photos and ornaments. Then, finally, it is the time to attach the ornaments on the wallpaper.

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