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To decorate a scrapbook, you will need some decorating ornaments and details. You can make a handmade detail. However, you may apply scrapbook printable stickers for an easy way. These are some inspirations of the printable stickers.


A nice view of scrapbook can be made of applying butterfly printable stickers. This sticker looks so sweet and nice to decorate a scrapbook given to a girl or your girlfriend. You can take colorful butterfly stickers so that you can mix and match based on the colors.


To represent your feeling, you can share it with words. The words can describe anything. You can take a choice of words as a printable sticker for your scrapbook. You can write a romantic word or sentence on the cover of the scrapbook for your boy or girlfriend. Wise sentences will stimulate you to stay cool.


The next design of scrapbook printable stickers is taking a love shape. Love is timeless and endless. You will always need it to decorate any projects and scrapbook. You can put it to represent your kindness and love to the others.


The last design is flowers. Every girl loves flowers. You may glue it on your scrapbook that you made. It looks cute and sweet to your girl.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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