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There are several steps that you must do when making a scrapbook. Before arranging the materials, the very first thing is deciding the theme of the scrapbook. By choosing the right and proper theme, it will be way easier for you to arrange the scrapbook materials, such as photos, titles, layouts, decorations, accessories, and so on. For example, you want to make a scrapbook as a gift for your best friend. You can show the ownership of the scrapbook along with the photos on the first page. Next, give some sayings that represent your best friends’ birthday. Continue with a birthday on the next page.

Make your best friends feel more touched by putting their favorite things or precious photos into the scrapbook. But if you want to make a scrapbook for yourself as personal stuff, then you can freely decide and choose any theme as you wish. You can even use an irrelevant theme with the decorations for your scrapbook. There is no problem with that. Next time you have a specific theme for another scrapbook, you can take out some pages out. Making a scrapbook is not that confusing. If you want the easy and instant one, you can find scrapbook printable templates on the internet.

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