25 Best Picture of Scrapbooking Layouts Travel

Scrapbooking Layouts Travel 12 Ideas For Scrapbooking Travel To Cities

Do you want to keep your memory of a wonderful vacation, journey, and holiday in an artistic way? Scrapbooking is your answer. You can keep your best moments and pictures in a scrapbook including a caption for the picture. Every time you open your scrapbook, you will feel like you are traveling for the second time to your favourite places and wonderful moments. There are some tips for making your scrapbooking layouts travel.

  • Enlarge your favourite photo. You can enlarge your favourite photo of your trip and surround it with smaller photos for other memorable moments. You can also convert them to a black-and-white photo for a variety
  • Highlight the people. Traveling is not only about capturing scenery, but also capturing the people. It can be people you travel with or some strangers you found on your vacation. Do not forget to pass the camera so you can also be in snapshots too.
  • Use themed stickers. Using themed stickers will enhance your scrapbook’s visual. Since it is scrapbook travel, using traveling-themed stickers are recommended.
  • Use song lyrics for the caption. You can either create your caption or memo on your own or just simply use a song lyric which can describe your pictures. Do not forget to credit the artist if you use any song lyric for your scrapbooking layouts travel.

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