25 Creative Picture of Scrapbooking Layouts Multiple Pictures

Scrapbooking Layouts Multiple Pictures Scrapbooking Multiple Photos To Save Money And Paper Ecoscrapbook

Before scrapbooking layouts multiple pictures, you must first determine several points including:

  1. Theme

the theme of the scrapbook you want to make. By choosing the right theme, you can easily determine the photos, layouts, and decorations for the scrapbook that you will make.

  1. The story

After determining the theme, now determine the story from the scrapbook. Even though it can be made without a certain story, scrapbook with a good storyline will make it like a time machine that reminds us of important moments in our lives.

  1. Create basic layouts and decorations. Now let’s begin the process of compiling. First, please make a basic decoration first on each scrapbook paper that you want to use. Basic decorations that you can make include background images, ornaments, and more. For certain themes, you can make each page have a basic decoration that is similar or related to one another. But you can also make each page different from the others.
  2. Cut and place the photos

If all the pages have been given basic decorations, now let’s start cutting and placing the photos. You can paste photos directly on the scrapbook paper using paper glue that has been prepared in advance. Now, scrapbooking layouts multiple pictures has finished!

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