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2 Ideas of Scrapbook Fall Pages

Fall Leaves

One of the fastest way to create scrapbook fall pages is adding leaves embellishments that describe the particular season. Rather than small, you can cut larger leave shape from a colored paper. Try to cut as big as proportionate to the photo displayed. This will be suitable to be applied if you want to place one photo on a page with some words of journal.

In order to add 3D effect, you can cover the leave shape with monochrome buttons. You are free to use all buttons with different size and shapes but try to select the similar shades as the paper and close to the original leaves color. If you have complex pattern as base, I suggest you to hand stitching the edges of the leaves paper to additionally bold it.

Sequins Texture

Sequins will be the most impressive way to add elegancy onto your scrapbook fall pages especially if you have dark brown or dark red as background. Start by tracing some little and bigger rounds lightly using pencil. Once the photo has been displayed at the center, you can put all monochrome sequins following the traces using hand stitched technique.

With a strong background, it’s best to keep other components simple. The rest ornaments should be limited as little as possible. If you want to display some photos, then you can collage it as one big unity.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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