25 Great Photo of Scrapbook Ideas For Couples

Scrapbook Ideas For Couples Scrapbook Ideas For Couples Inspiration From Letters To Juliet

Scrapbook has so many uses. In these days, many people love to make their own scrapbook. The goal of the scrapbook is to store your memories in it with cute decorations and tiny details. Speaking about memories, you can also make a scrapbook as a keepsake of your relationship. If you do not know what kind of scrapbook you and your lover should make, do not worry. In this article, we will give you scrapbook ideas for couples which you can try at home!

The first one is by using your date tickets. You can use movie tickets or theme park tickets. Just simply glue all of them using paper glue or Washi tape. Do not forget to write details with colourful pens. The second one is by using photos. Having a relationship, especially the long one, will make you and your lover have silly photos. You can place them on a scrapbook with glue and shape them like a heart. The last scrapbook ideas for couples is for the long-distance relationship. If you and your lover are in a different country, you can print out the map and distance. Then, you can mark your area with your lover’s area with heart. Lastly, you can send the scrapbook to your lover!

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