25 Inspired Image of Scrapbook Fall Cards

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Winter is about to end, and fall is coming! And one of the handicrafts that are being loved by young people today is making scrapbook fall cards. The art of craft which is dominated by writing and fine art like the picture.

  1. Flannel material

Scrapbook cards don’t always need to use pieces of paper to decorate. However, You can also use patchwork or flannel cut into unique and funny shapes to decorate with bright colors. Shape the decoration as you like flowers, writing, bells, or whatever, then stick on the front of the scrapbook fall cards. Your card is guaranteed to be the most beautiful and unique with motifs from this flannel and your little one will like it.

  1. Maple leaf design

If you want to make scrapbook cards with classic designs, you can try with this one motif. This maple leaf can be made with pieces of paper of a certain size according to the level of the leaves. Choose paper that has beautiful colors or can be taken randomly from the magazine to make it more interesting and make it with a maple leaf pattern or red brick color. Immediately pasted on your scrapbook fall card and the atmosphere of autumn will be more pronounced.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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