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Are you interested in making the scrapbook fall layouts? If you are, pay attention to these explanations!

The first tip

At first, for the layout of fall scrapbook, you should prepare a template or a sketch with two pages. Why should be two? The layouts with two pages are suitable for some pictures which are not too pretty. Besides that, you can state and express many photos with amazing words.  Are you confused and stressed to think the layout title? Do not be sad. You may give your title of work with the title of digital or you can give some stickers of traditional chipboard.

The second tip

In managing the layout, it is better for you to take some photos in landscape and portrait shape. Do not forget to choose some large pictures. When you really do it in layout consists of two pages, you may feel and want to always add many pretty fall photos.

Then, for the paper, you can choose the craft paper in which you can add decorations related to the fall. At this step, do not think of the patterned paper. In order your fall photos can be seen more in the background, you edit the border of photos to be white when you want to print them. Next, crop your photos as you want. How about the style? Do not think it more. Surely, you will feel enjoy to finish your project because you work as far as you like.

So, you can add many photos of a fall event. Add a decoration on your paper. Or, if you want to create scrapbook fall layouts which are simple, just let it!

Lucrecia Galbarini

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