25 Pretty Photo of Scrapbook Printables Embellishments

Scrapbook Printables Embellishments Scrapbooking Embellishments Printable Scrapbook Embellishments Pic
  1. Circle

One of the simplest and flexible embellishment for a scrapbook can be circle. It is really easy to be arranged whether small or big one. It also can be a great base for sticking the photo. Its colors can be used to make the photo as focal point. You can find circle as scrapbook printables embellishments with many pattern on it.

  1. Animal

Animal scrapbook printables embellishments can be found easily and varies on its type. It could be best to be ornament especially for outdoor photos or zoo visits. Most animal sticker is available and you don’t need to draw it yourself. You can even find some imaginable animal to décor special photo especially if you are a fan of it.

  1. Alphabet

Alphabet including numbers and letters is most essential scrapbook printables embellishments since it can be used for every purposes. You can use it to modify a headline or additional explanation. You can also use it just for decorative as well.

  1. Events

You can use special sticker that represent important event like the first day of school, birthday, reunion, or even wedding reception. You can find it varies in characteristics and colors. Choose one or more which is suitable with your scrapbook theme.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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