25 Wonderful Picture of Scrapbook Ideas For Beginners

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A scrapbook is often to be a medium to share your beautiful and memorable moments in the past. You can pass photos representing that moment. If you want to make it at home, you can apply scrapbook ideas for beginners.

A Pressed Leaves Design

Do you have flowers or leaves at home garden? You can benefit it to be an ornament of the scrapbook. The pressed leaves and flowers can decorate the cover of the scrapbook. It looks unique and enchanting with the natural ornaments. You can combine the different color flowers.

Heart Design

If you want to give a scrapbook to your lovers, you should make it as sweet as you can. Try to pick out the heart shape for decorating the cover of the scrapbook. It looks so nice and beautiful to see. You can put some sizes of the heart shape with different colors on the cover of the scrapbook. Try to pick out pastel and neutral colors in order to look eye-catching.

Sand Pocket Design

The last design for scrapbook ideas for beginners is sand pocket design. If you have beach sand, you can benefit it. You should make a glass pocket on the cover of the scrapbook. Then, fulfill it with the beach sand.

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