26 Amazing Picture of Scrapbook Backgrounds Paper

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When making a scrapbook, you should know that there is a common scrapbook backgrounds paper. The material used for the background is usually harder than the photos so that the book will be durable and last longer when stored in a shelve. The paper itself will be a little bit more expensive than the thinner paper, but the durability will be worth the price.

Even if your scrapbook backgrounds paper is already strong, durable, and expensive, the scrapbook won’t be good if you use random layouts and just putting great photos randomly without a concept. Thinking about the concept of your scrapbook will enhance the final result and you will be amazed because your scrapbook will be tidy.

Once you decide the scrapbook backgrounds paper, then deciding the theme, size, and layout of the photos should be done so that you can do everything in one go. Planning your scrapbook to be as detail and personal as you can also create the memorable impact of your scrapbook. The common size of a scrapbook is 12×12, so you can think about the accessories and layout that will fit the size perfectly. When picking the accessories, make sure it suits the general theme. Don’t forget that the order of the photos is better if placed with a reference or make a story out of the photos.

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