26 Brilliant Image of Scrapbook Page Ideas For Couples

Scrapbook Page Ideas For Couples Scrapbook Ideas For Couples Inspiration From Letters To Juliet

Do you want to give a homemade anniversary gift for your couple? Hmm, who doesn’t want to please their partner, especially on special days like dates or wedding? But there is one thing that is a problem in choosing this gift! Yup, choose the right gift for your partner by making a scrapbook. Below is the explanation of scrapbook page ideas for couples;

Love Story in the Shape of a Scrapbook

Now, scrapbook is indeed popular. In addition to the cute shapes, one scrapbook with each other varies because it is made by hand with different ingredients and tastes. The method of making it is also quite easy, it is as well as the ingredients are quite affordable!

Fill in the Pages of a Love Scrapbook

If you are interested in this scrapbook, then you can make a love story as a scrapbook theme. Then make sure to choose colors and accessories to suit your partner’s tastes. For example, your partner likes blue and polka-dot accents, so you can put blue and polka dots in your scrapbook.

Confused by the contents of a love story scrapbook? do not panic! You can paste your photo collection together starting from the approach, the first date until now.

So, the scrapbook page ideas for couples can be as one of the anniversary gift ideas?

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