26 Great Photo of 8×8 Scrapbook Layouts Templates

8x8 Scrapbook Layouts Templates Scrapper Kate Template Tuesday My Vacation 12x12 Spread

If you are a DIY enthusiast, looking for 8×8 scrapbook layouts templates would be something you do on the weekend. Besides looking for templates, you may also consider making some accessories and embellishments with your own craft supplies. Of course, you can buy some of those things from the craft supply stores. But it will be much more fun if you make it on your own, right?

Watercolor background

A doily could be something that accommodates your creative thought. Also, you can paint the wash of color over the paper. All you need is s few sheets of heavy yet textured paper and you need watercolors too. This trick is simple though, yet, adds a nice flair on your DIY project.

Woven flower ideas

If you need something flowery for your layout, you might need this DIY embellishment. Besides the paper flower, you will also need some ribbons. Cut a slit on the tip of each petal and create a hole in the center of the flower. Later, you can weave the ribbon all the way around. For the final touch, you need to glue down something to the center of the flower. As we have mentioned earlier, sometimes you do not need the 8×8 scrapbook layouts templates if you can make it your own.

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