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Do you ever think of making a vintage scrapbook? This article will explain you about making album scrapbooking vintage. This vintage style will make your scrapbook more beautiful. This style is dominated by the color of brown. Imagine how great it will be! You can make it by using a tea box/cover or scrapbook paper remnants. Below are the explanations;

Step 1

First of all the spine is covered with the rest of the small scrapbook so that the edges are neatly closed and cannot be wrapped in the original notes.

Step 2

Collect all the remnants of scrapbook paper that are nuanced vintage or whose themes are brownish in color, cream, etc. Or you can use patterned paper and cut it according to the size of the cover.

Step 3

Cut the other scrapbook papers with a size smaller than the size of the cover note

Step 4

Next, you have to make various pieces of the image and the side, and the stickers that are roughly good as a cover.

Step 5

You can use key Wood veneers because this will help add to the vintage effect of this scrapbook design. While the die cut “bird on the branch” in the photo above will be the center of the closing note. So, the effect looks ‘arising’ or 3D, you can use foam tape to stick to it. So is the “Life is Good” sticker as the title cover.

Hopefully the tutorial of making an album scrapbooking vintage can be an inspiration.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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