27 Awesome Image of Scrapbooking Ideas For Bestfriends Gift

Scrapbooking Ideas For Bestfriends Gift Birthday Scrapbook For Bestfriend Scissors And Ribbons Birthday

Do you want to give a gift to your best friend’s birthday? A scrapbook is the best gift choice. So, let’s see the explanations of scrapbooking ideas for best friends gift!

Decorate the front cover

The front cover of your scrapbook will be the first part that your loved one sees, so you want the cover to look special and extraordinary. Add your name and your best friend, also the date you first met or your favorite photo when you were with him. You can also paste decorative elements related to the scrapbook theme.

Design the first page to be a special page

You can decide to make it simple, but this page must have a special impact. Write words of love and happy birthday and the date you gave this scrapbook to him.

Enter some special memories

On the next page of your scrapbook, add the contents. Write a description of your togetherness in a decorative paper or color paper. You can paste it with a frame or use some decorative elements.

Add dates to your pages

Dedicate a few pages to all the extraordinary activities that you live together. Paste photos or other small objects related to your togetherness.

Keep a diary of the story of your friendship. Your scrapbook is a great place to express your feelings to him. Write to him a letter explaining how much you love him.

Those are scrapbooking ideas for best friends gift that you can imitate.

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