27 Beautiful Photo of Heritage Scrapbook Pages Embellishments

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Who says that scrapbook can only be used as mini albums or diary? There are so many things which you can make with a scrapbook. Anything you love, anything memorable, you can store them all in a scrapbook. In fact, you can also make a heritage scrapbook using heritage scrapbook page embellishments. Is there any difference? If today’s scrapbook using Polaroid photos, clam shells or tickets, a heritage scrapbook uses old photos from the past. For example, if your mother has old photos of her childhood or old photos of her grandparents, you can make a scrapbook out of it.

To make a heritage scrapbook, you do not need to prepare Washi tape or colourful pens. All you need to prepare is the heritage paper, old photos, photo-friendly glue, and embellishments. Then, you can measure which area do you want to place the photos first. Then, cut the paper so that the middle area of the photo or the people photo can be seen. After that, you can glue the photo and attached them to the paper. As for heritage scrapbook page embellishments, you can look for a heritage paper which has designs on it then cut them. Lastly, you can glue the embellishments next to the old photos.

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