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Are you interested to make scrapbook generations layouts echo park? In general, this type of scrapbook is not different from the other scrapbooks. There are the main books, photos, and floating ornaments to make the book look cuter and more beautiful. But since the echo park becomes the main theme here, it seems you should prepare more colorful things for the ornaments. Primarily, the ornaments are from colorful papers. If you want, there must be things like ribbons and buttons. However, for the echo park scrapbook, they are not really important.

Forget the scrapbook papers in brown for vintage styles. The white one is recommended since you may apply something modern and minimalist there. The photos and other ornaments are cutting off in minimalist ways also like in the form of square or round. On one page, you can apply more than one color. Make sure that the colors are completed each other. This way, each page, there is nothing but the beauty.

Fascinatingly, there are now many layouts and templates for this kind of scrapbook offered in the book stores. If you want to add more ornaments, you can create them by yourself. The echo things are realized by forming patterns like a zigzag, polka-dot, and more.

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