27 Elegant Picture of 8×8 Scrapbook Pages Mini Albums

8x8 Scrapbook Pages Mini Albums Primrose 8 X 8 Premade Mini Album Album That Inspire Me

For those who have an interest in the DIY project, they are familiar with scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a book where you put your memories for a long term. A scrapbook has the capability to take you back to when the pictures are taken. You can cherish and remember every detail of your precious moments just by looking at the scrapbook.

Making a scrapbook, there are lots of size variation of a scrapbook. The common size for a scrapbook is usually 12×12. The size is proper enough and remains the dominant size in the scrapbooking world. However, there are also people who are working with 8×8 scrapbook pages mini albums. It is because mini albums made with 8×8 scrapbook layouts will take up less room in the bookshelves. In addition, 8×8 scrapbook pages mini albums are also quicker to finish because obviously, you have less space to work with.

A page of 8×8 scrapbook pages mini albums can contain up to four photos in equal size. You can arrange them in a grid formation. You can also explore your thoughts in arranging the photo. For example, you can use a varying size of the photos or you can also use shaped photos in your mini albums. This way you will have a unique scrapbook mini album.

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