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Scrapbook Diy Boyfriend Birthday Scrapbook For Novis Boyfriend Diy Hanieta Youtube

2 Ideas Scrapbook DIY Boyfriend

Scrapbook DIY boyfriend can be a great way to showcase your relationship. This will also can be unique idea as present to your spouse. Whether it’s birthday or anniversary celebration, you can create romantic scrapbook to surprise him. Moreover, beside the present for your boyfriend, it can also be a great treasure for you as well.

Candy or Chocolate Letter

If you think about your relationship these past years, you may be able to refer it to a candy or chocolate. Both has specific tastes which is not only about sugar but sometimes also bitter or sour. Whether it’s candy or chocolate, you can convey your feeling with a sweet way.

In order to create candy or chocolate letter for scrapbook DIY boyfriend, you should start with collecting some candies and chocolates with different tittles. Then, arrange your letter using those tittles as part of it. You can write it on a paper first before applying it on the paper background. You can complete the accompanying words by your own handwritten.

Heart Shape Photos

The other simple idea for scrapbook DIY boyfriend is by collecting as many photos as you can which can represent all precious memories between you two. You can also add other photos that might be suitable to accompany your photos. Browse and find as many as you want since there is limitless option out there. Then, cut all those photos with the same size and arrange it properly into heart shape.

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