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3 Perfect Ideas for Scrapbooking Memories

One of the most fun things about finding ideas for scrapbooking memories is sorting the photos that you will use to make a scrapbook. But this is not easy if you have never compiled your photos. Here are 3 ideas on how to start making it.

–          Start by thinking about the style that you will appear in your scrapbook, then try arranging your photos before sticking them. If you already feel that it matches the arrangement, then you can start choosing patterned paper that will be the theme of your photo.

–          Stick patterned paper to the scrapbook page and then you can cut your photo according to your taste, for example, oval, circle or square. You can use cardstock to make frames for your photos. Decorate your photos with small buttons, ribbons or decorations, but make sure that the decorations are not too much!

–          If you open your old albums, then on certain photos, you may forget what moments are remembered in the photo, and even forget who you took pictures with. One of the advantages of a scrapbook is that you have enough space to write anything in your photos, including the memorable moments and feelings you feel. When you see a photo of the scrapbook many years later, you will feel that memorable moment!

Those are 3 ideas for scrapbooking memories to make the moment lasts!

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