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Decorating big blank walls in your house is quite tricky. You do not want to leave them blank but you do not know how to decorate it either. Stuck in finding a solution for your big blank walls? Why don’t you try scrapbook art on canvas? Scrapbook is indeed a nice and wonderful gift anyone can receive. A scrapbook can also be used to decorate your wall.

There are sets of wall art sold in retail stores and catalogs using a scrapbook. The price is varied. However, you can just simply buy it if you do not want to spend much time making your own scrapbook art on canvas. Otherwise, you can make it on your own using your favourite colours. It costs less money.

Scrapbook paper is cheap and affordable. Making your wall art, you just need scrapbooks, glue, canvases, and paint your favourite colours. It is recommended to use 12″ x 12″ canvas because it is a proper size for the wall, not too big or too small. You can use a various design of scrapbook so your wall will be more colourful. Just paint the edges of the canvases with your favourite colour, glue your scrapbook on the canvases, and seal the paper. It is easy, right?

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