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Because making a scrapbook is all about creativity, Of course the design scrapbook backgrounds diy will suit your taste or your imagination. Here I will only explain 4 easy ways to make a scrapbook as below:

  1. Imagine

Before making a scrapbook, of course, we have to imagine in advance about the scrapbook we will make. We can imagine making scrapbooks in the form of gardens, flower, sky and clouds, bird scrapbook and twigs, or scrapbook that illustrates your love story.

  1. Prepare Materials

After finding the imagination for the scrapbook, the next step is to prepare the ingredients. For example, if we choose a bird shape scrapbook and twigs. Of course, we prepare photos or sheets of old newspapers with pictures of trees, birds, sky and some items that might be in the illustration of birds and twigs.

  1. Cut and arrange the material

After getting the ingredients, scissors the ingredients according to the illustrations that you imagined earlier. Suppose cutting out the sky and cloud background, then cutting out the tree and twig branches, the bird shape section and maybe the words that will explain the scrapbook if there is indeed an illustration of the conversation of two birds on a tree branch. After cutting, the next step is to arrange and stick the ingredients to make a scrapbook.

  1. Finishing

Finishing can be done by adding coloring so that the storyline and scrapbook are made better. After that, the scrapbook backgrounds diy can be wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t shift and doesn’t break quickly.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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