28 Beautiful Image of Scrapbook Page Layouts Ideas

Scrapbook Page Layouts Ideas Best 25 Scrapbook Layouts Ideas On Pinterest Scrapbooking Ideas

Decorating scrapbook doesn’t necessary mean to just print some designs you found through internet. You can try these following scrapbook page layout ideas for 3D and great decorative items.

  1. Use Natural Decorative

If you are bored with common flower layout, why don’t use the real flower. There are many ways to use flower as scrapbook page layout ideas. You can cover the flower with a paper and press ironing it. Or, you can make use of wax paper to cover it, so it won’t stain the page. Give some special touch to your scrapbook with pressed flower.

  1. Colorful Buttons

By using colorful buttons, you can create the most impressive scrapbook page layout ideas. In order to maximize the buttons, you can combine its colorful and different size with some 2D design. You will be able to customize many shape and layout on each page. Beside using glue, you can also use thread to add more art.

  1. Clips Emblem

You can even use common clips as 3D decorative item as scrapbook page layout ideas. You can create some shapes from colorful paper or cloth with appropriate size. Stick it onto the clip and you have your cute emblem. This will help your scrapbook becomes stunning even more.

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