28 Beautiful Photo of Scrapbook Page Layouts Templates

Scrapbook Page Layouts Templates 2 Page 12x12 Free Printable Scrapbook Sketch Printable Cuttable

2 Vertical Scrapbook Page Layouts Templates

Finding some inspirations of scrapbook page layouts templates will save you from being hit by the wall. Do not get so sentimental every time you run out of the ideas. There are many sources you can employ to spark your scrapbook including these following templates.

  1. Minimalist Vertical Layout

This scrapbook page layouts templates will allow you to arrange a clean and tidy where you still have space to add variety. On this layout, you won’t need to force yourself to cut the picture in order to following the main shape. You will be able to maintain the original shape of photo and stack it on some area of other photos.

This scrapbook page layouts templates can be best inspiration for supplementary pages. You don’t need it to be complex. So, some decorations of pressed flower or dried leaves is enough.

  1. Cinema Vertical Layout

This scrapbook page layouts templates are suitable to contain some photos at the same pages. With one big photo on one side, you can put some little photos vertically on the other side.

You can also use this layout to collect some photos that you feel doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Or, if those photos are captured from different occasion which you definitely won’t to waste it.

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