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Making 6×6 scrapbook pages ideas is actually quite tricky. Not only does it must have a good precision for the photos but also for the title design. Below are several tips you can follow to make one:
1. Choose Your Best Photo Determine which photos you want to use on that page. As a general rule, three to five photos will usually function on a 6×6 scrapbook page layout. If you use a smaller album, you need to adjust this. You can also choose to only include one or two photos if it’s bigger, you don’t want to cut at all, or you want lots of space around it.

  1. Determine the page layout according to your instincts Plan a place to place photos, journaling and page titles. The page must feel balanced and pleasing to the eye. If you want help deciding how to organize page elements, consider using a scrapbook page sketch. Use a blue scrapbook because it’s good for underlying your page.
  2. Cut Your Photos Precision Decide which photo you want to cut. Remember that sometimes less paper must be cut. When using scissors to cut make sure to be careful and know which place should be cut
  3. Paste the Photo and Check your layout, and attach your photo to the page.

Those are all 6×6 scrapbook pages ideas you can follow and try at home.

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