28 Great Picture of Best Friend Scrapbook Ideas

Best Friend Scrapbook Ideas Made This For My Best Friend Its A Part Of Her Scrapbook I Thought

A scrapbook is creativity that can be a place to save beautiful memories you have with your beloved ones, including your best friends. You can collect those memories with your best friends in a scrapbook and give it to them in their special days. Choose the most memorable and meaningful photos as one of best friend scrapbook ideas. For example, you can put photos when you and your best friends met for the first time when you were still very innocent. This moment is always good to remember. Cut those photos in unique shapes to beautify the scrapbook.

For the background of the scrapbook, you can use your best friends’ favorite colors. You are also able to write some words that describe the characteristics of your best friends. If you have a drawing skill or painting skill, you draw or make a sketch of your best friends’ face. You can draw it on the first page of the scrapbook in order to show who is the owner. Do not forget to add decorations to the scrapbook. Choose decorative elements that represent your best friends’ characteristics. For example, if your best friends are feminine, you can use dried flowers and dried leaves. And dominate the scrapbook with pink color.

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