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Tips to Make it Long-Lasting

Scrapbook is a type of book that is presented with various images and accompanied by other unique writings and the scrapbook crafts paper plays an important part for the scrapbook as a whole. Usually, a scrapbook is a collection of scrapbooks or some used items that are seen to be still suitable for use. When you want to make a scrapbook, you cannot use any type of paper carelessly. Choose paper that has a high pH or acidity that is more than 7. By using high-acid paper, it will make photos in scrapbook tend to be more durable and not take photos or images blackened. In terms of making an attached piece of art, like making a scrapbook, what is needed is an adhesive. Various types of adhesives, from the type of stick glue, double tape, tape, or a glue dot. Now, in making this scrapbook, it is strongly recommended to use glue dot type adhesive, because using this one adhesive will make it easier for you to change the position of ornaments and other accessories. You also have to prepare plastic to protect the scrapbook to keep it nice and look new. Same is the case with a photo album with each sheet coated with plastic. The scrapbook must also be coated with plastic to protect the scrapbook crafts paper contents from various types of dirt and dust.

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