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Scrapbooking Decorations Creative Scrapbooking Ideas Roundup 15 Techniques To Try

When it comes to making a scrapbook, one of the essential things you must not forget is the decorations. Decorations do not always have to be ribbons, beads, colored papers, studs, or any other things. You are also able to make the cover of your scrapbooks as scrapbooking decorations creative. By having a decorative cover, your scrapbook will look pretty at first sight. For you who love traveling, you can use a world map as your scrapbook cover. Or, you can use a specific map of a country you want to visit so that you can make it as a motivation.

If you love fashion and want something timeless for your scrapbook cover, jeans would be perfect. As you know, jeans are never out of style, right? You do not have to buy new jeans to make it as your scrapbook cover. That would a waste of money. Instead, use the old jeans that you never wear again. Cut the jeans in the part that still has a pocket. Cut to the size of your scrapbook and stick it to your scrapbook. The pocket can be used as a place to put your stationery, such as pencils and markers.

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