30 Elegant Picture of Doodlebug Scrapbooking Layouts

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What are doodlebug scrapbooking layouts? Well, have you ever seen a kind of scrapbook with many floating ornaments arranged into one? They can be in the form of flowers, animals, plants, trees, and many more. Yes, they are not only beautiful but also unique. More than that, those doodlebug ideas are actually really easy to make by stacking some papers with certain shapes and patterns. So, are you interested to create a doodlebug scrapbook? Here are some ideas of them.

The easiest one is a flower. A flower is quite easy to make in which you only need to make a pattern of a bigger round and smaller rounds around it. From one pattern, you can create many flowers in various colors. Stack some flowers so that they look floating. Of course, you must be careful in order to make the flowers look more beautiful. If it is necessary, you may attach them each other using sticky foam.

Similar to the flowers, you can also make some trees using the same method. First of all, make a pattern on a piece of paper and then multiply them using the other papers. For trees or probably leaves, you may use the colors that represent them like green or brown. Then, attach them in the scrapbook available.

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