30 Great Picture of Scrapbooking Decorations Diy

Scrapbooking Decorations Diy Diy Embellecedores Con Scraps Diy Scrapbook Embellishments

In creating a scrapbook, we need to decorate the core scrapbook so that I will inform you of the scrapbooking decorations DIY. Below are the explanations:

The decoration of layout and background

When we start making scrapbooks, especially the core scrapbook, we need to make decorations or decorations. The first thing to do is to arrange the basic scrapbook decorations first.

Take the paper that you will use for the scrapbook base, then paste the decoration. Well, the basics of this scrapbook can be various. You can paste wallpaper, ribbons, landscape images, or other ornaments.

The basis of this scrapbook is also made according to the theme created. For example, you make a holiday theme to the beach. Well, you can choose a blue background and stick white beach sand.

After that, just put the picture neatly. Pay attention to alignment with the background that was made first. Don’t forget to give it to the page that was created. Add a comment about the attached photo so that it will be more in memory.

Adding the attractive decorations

When all the photos have been pasted, it’s time to add decorations to make them look even better. Adjust to the theme you have chosen, the added decoration.

Well, that was how to decorate a scrapbook that you can try on your own. For creative, you may think more ideas related to scrapbooking decorations DIY. Then, keep a photograph of memories not only in the ordinary album.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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