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Do you need a reference to get some scrapbook gift ideas with a theme of birthday? You are right to read this article. This article will inform you about it but, it focuses on making a pop-up.

What do you need?

This is the material to make pop-up as the opening page:

  1. Magazine
  2. Concorde Paper
  3. Color Pencils
  4. Double Tip
  5. Wool Yarn

The steps

First of all, cut out some pictures from the magazine, from pictures of clothes, pants, bags, shoes, some quotes. This image will be used for background pop up. The picture is suitable for birthday gifts for friends.

The second process, we first make the triangle from Concorde paper, make a rectangle with a size of 4cm x 4cm. then on one side pull the center point which is 2cm then become the triangle.

1 triangle will be used for one letter. The sentence that will be used is ‘happy birthday’, so ’happy birthday’ consists of 13 letters so that the triangle is made of 13 triangles.

Then above the number, write the letters to form the phrase ‘happy birthday’. Use a black marker to write and then use colored pencils to decorate it.

After that, you have to:

  1. Paste the double tip behind the triangle, then the wool yarn is made into three layers
  2. Then, paste the wool yarn into the triangle
  3. Then, paste the cut-out image into the scrapbook. arrange it so that the results are beautiful
  4. Flags of happy birthday are also posted with a double tip. double tip placed on each end of the rope knot.

For decoration, you can use buttons to cover the dead knot

Well, you may use and combine your scrapbook gift ideas with this step.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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