30 Inspired Photo of Polaroid Scrapbook Ideas Mini Albums

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You definitely have some polaroid photos and save them in an album. Well, you may be creative with your Polaroid scrapbook ideas mini albums. How to do it well?

Search for album books

Scrapbook albums can be purchased at craft stores and stationery supply stores. In general, this album is square with a page size of 12 inches 12 inches (30.5cm by 30.5cm). To make it in a mini album, you can use a page size of 6 inches by 8 inches (15.25cm by 20.3cm).

Choose paper that matches your photos

When you are looking for a paper that is suitable for the scrapbook, take it along with some photos to match. A plain colored paper must match the colors in the photo, and patterned paper must match the color of the photo and the theme of your album.

Choose ornaments

Ornaments must match the theme of your memory album. Ornaments that are commonly used are three-dimensional stickers, stamps, and metal ornaments, but you can create as you like. Choose ornaments that attract attention but are rather flat.

Choose the type of adhesive

There are many choices of adhesives for making scrapbooks, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Stem glue seems to be the most comfortable to use. Make sure you only use a little and select products labeled “acid-free” or “safe for photos.”
  • Liquid glue is suitable for sticking and is easy to use, but can make photos and paper decorations wrinkled if you apply too much glue.
  • Two-sided adhesive tape has minimal adhesive power but is suitable for photos, paper ornaments, and other light and small ornaments.

Do you have any other Polaroid scrapbook ideas mini albums?

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